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It's been some time since I have last went online surfshopping so I've really been quite delinquent if this involves the most recent bags to hit the industry. Haha honestly, it has saved me lots of money because guess what happens I am talking about, when you want to just "look", you frequently leave with pressing that dreaded "purchase now" button ). I'm a victim of the too, trust me!

This is why, in under 2 minutes of surfshopping, a bag already caught attention, and why it's no shocker that it is a bag by Givenchy!The Replica Givenchy Obsedia Bag looks quite interesting when it comes to design and performance, really. It has an extra-large envelope pocket in-front which virtually creates the fa?ade from the bag,

The envelope pocket will certainly prove useful together with your more "precious" cargo as the open tote side holds your phone along with other things that should be easily utilized. iconThis bag includes a more somber color tone mixture of grey and black, and design for the bag is quite structured, therefore it look a little more formal. I frankly don't view it like a casual weekend bag, because even when you put on a worn- out set of boyfriend jeans with this particular, the Replica Givenchy Antigona bag continues to have that formal feel.

I'm thinking possibly when the Replica Givenchy Lucrezia bag arrived a hotter or better color, it could are more effective like a casual day bag. But nevertheless, I still think the bag is gorgeous and it is very sleek. It's a spectacular piece and certainly will get positive factors for that thicker removable strap.I'd love to determine this bag in another color combination, however this particular bag above is an extremely safe, neutral option for a proper day bag.